About Us

Black Renaissance is a festival spotlighting Black creatives and artists in Arizona. 

As an artist and a mother of three, Fiona Fenix,  is an REALTOR, yoga teacher and a self-proclaimed witch, loving and learning from her ancestors and spirit guides. Fiona Fenix’s art is a heavenly escape for any Southern Arizona enthusiast. Fenix encompasses the Southwest with a modern, minimalistic twist. From wall tapestries to bags and more—Fenix’s business, Dusty Moon Studio, has soothed the eyes and spark passion in the hearts of many across Arizona. 

-Tucson Guide


Seanloui is an international sensation and plays in festivals around the world. His highly sought after R&B/ Alternative sound mixes 1980’s synths with 2000's hooks and 1990's R&B feelings. His songwriting has become a highly sought after commodity writing for artists in LA and NY. Drawing his inspiration from Prince and Smokey Robinson and Maxwell, Seanloui is gaining traction within the music community as an “artist to watch".


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